domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

María de los Reyes, de 1º Bachillerato, nos cuenta por qué participa en el intercambio

My expectations for the Exchange.

Erasmus Youth,
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María de los Reyes. 1º de Bachillerato
Pasada ya la primera fase del intercambio con la visita de los alumnos ingleses a Mancha Real, está ya próximo el viaje en abril al instituto de Secundaria del Reino Unido Lytchett Minster School. Una de las participantes, María de los Reyes, nos cuenta por qué quiere formar parte de esta aventura.

Ahora es el turno de los alumnos, los verdaderos protagonistas, ya que, al fin a la postre, esta actividad está organizada para ellos y por ellos, ya que su implicación desde el primer momento está siendo muy importante, a fin de, como dice ella, conseguir sacar el máximo provecho a este viaje de estudios.

My new experience.

Hello, my name is Maria de los Reyes. I'm 17 years old and I live in Mancha Real, in the province of Jaén. 
My teacher proposed my companions and me this trip to England, which I accepted with happiness, since I really want to go there and learn.
Also, in the same year, we have the school trip to Italy, and my mother had to choose either of them. I chose England.

I chose this trip with the objective of learning both the language and their customs. I will gain a lot with this trip since it is a great opportunity which not everybody will have.
I hope to come back to Jaén with more knowledge of the language, which will help me very much in my classes at the high school. I have to say that I do not have private lessons of English, which makes it more difficult for me than for other people that do; that is why I will do my best to learn as much as possible
They all have trusted me, therefore I do not want the to be disappointed and I want to be sure that this trip has helped me a lot and that I have improved my level of English a lot.
This project seems to me to be very important, since it helps me both in my studies and for a future work. I expect to have the best possible stay with my host English girl and I will behave adecuately throughout my week with her. I will enjoy this trip as much as I can by seeing new places, since I have never travelled there and I'm sure I'll love it.

I want to put an end by saying that I will get the maximum benefit of this trip. It is a great opportunity and a nice experience to be able to share my time with another person an in English!
And above all, I want to thank everyone who makes this trip possible and I hope I will have the chance to take part some day in another exchange similar to this one.

Maria de los Reyes Cabello Sanchez.
1º Bachillerato A