lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

Intercambio con Lytchett Minster. La voz de los alumnos: Manuel Salido Romero

My expectations for the Exchange.

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Próximo ya el intercambio con los alumnos del instituto de Secundaria del Reino Unido, el centro Lytchett Minster School, vamos a ir informando a nuestra comunidad educativa sobre las actividades que vamos a llevar a cabo, weather permitting, though.

Ahora es el turno de los alumnos participantes, los verdaderos protagonistas, ya que, al fin a la postre, esta actividad está organizada para ellos y por ellos, ya que su implicación desde el minuto 0, está siendo muy importante, a fin de conseguir el máximo provecho a este viaje de estudios. 

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Continuamos ahora con Manuel Salido Romero, alumno de 1º Bachillerato C, con un trabajo excelente, como al que nos tiene habituado. Manuel nos habla de sus expectativas, tal y como se le ha pedido, lleno de ilusión.

My first exchange.

This year is going to be my first in a foreign country, so I have great expectations about that.

Since I was a child I have really wanted to travel to Great Britain because I have always loved English. Two years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Cork with two friends for a month but, my mother told me that I was not old enough to travel alone, so I got too sad. Fortunately, that year my English teacher told us that they were preparing an exchange with a high school in Great Britain. That was great.

To our surprise this is the first year we can take part in the exchange and the last year we can participate in, I mean, next year people of my age will not be able to participate. I feel so lucky to do the exchange not only because I will travel to a foreign country but also because teachers trust us.

­­­­On April, we will travel there. I hope I will learn more about the British culture because I have always loved the fact that they eat a lot for breakfast, and not too much at night. Also, I like that they only have three subjects each day and here we have six, so it will be better for us. I really want to attend to class there because I would like to learn more specific vocabulary about sciences. But the most important thing is to make new friends and have a great experience there.

Manuel Salido Romero