sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

Intercambio con Lytchett Minster. La voz de los alumnos: Elena Romero.

My expectations for the Exchange.

Erasmus Youth,
 Europe's Future

Próximo ya el intercambio con los alumnos del instituto de Secundaria del Reino Unido, el centro Lytchett Minster School, vamos a ir informando a nuestra comunidad educativa sobre las actividades que vamos a llevar a cabo, weather depending, though.

Ahora es el turno de los alumnos participantes, los verdaderos protagonistas, ya que, al fin a la postre, esta actividad está organizada para ellos y por ellos, ya que su implicación desde el minuto 0, está siendo muy importante, a fin de conseguir el máximo provecho a este viaje de estudios.

Elena Romero celebra su cumpleaños, 17, en un par de días, coincidiendo con la estancia de nuestros invitados ingleses. Sin duda, una fecha que nunca olvidará. Lo del tiempo libre es otro cantar...

My name is Elena, I live in Mancha Real, a little village in Jaén, Andalusia, Spain and I’m 16 years old, but on 16th January it will be my 17th birthday so I am going to throw a party with my friends. I thought that you could come because you will stay here! What do you think?
When you come here, our high-school will have made a lot of activities for you to do during your accommodation in Spain. For example, we will visit the city of Jaén and, another day we will go to Córdoba, where there are a lot of old monuments. I think that teachers will allow us some free time to buy some clothes or other things we will want.
I have wanted to participate in this exchange with you because I think that it’s a beautiful experience that I could live. I will be able to progress in my English pronunciation by talking to you during a week. I’ve never been to England, not to mention alone or with my friends.
I’ve always wanted to go because I’m in love with this country. I would like to know more about your culture and traditions and especially about your gastronomy! I have heard that your food is delicious and I would like to enjoy your gastronomy. I want to live new experiences, for example, your timetable because I know that you often have dinner earlier than us because we usually have dinner by 10 o’clock. I would like to know what your high-school is like and a lot of things more. Like I said before, I’ve never gone abroad without any members of my family and this is a great occasion to do it. If I tell you the truth, I really want to go but I am little nervous.
I hope to meet many people and make a lot of friends.
Bye bye,

Elena Romero
1º Bachilerato, IES SIERRA MÁGIINA,