lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

Saludos de Fiona Thorpe.

Última entrada en el blog de hoy, le toca el honor a la carta de saludo que nos envía con mucho cariño Fiona Thorpe, la segunda alumna de 1º de Bachillerato que nos acompañará desde el sábado 17 hasta el viernes 23.

Fiona nos cuenta en ella que la razón principal por la que pidió a su profesor, Mr Dave Warbis, es su deseo de dedicarse al estudio y enseñanza de las lenguas de manera profesional en el futuro, y en concreto, su pasión por el español como segundo idioma.

De nuevo, creo que nos transmite mucha ilusión, entusiasmo y motivación. Seguro que se cumplen todas sus expectativas y este pequeño intercambio es capaz de reforzar sus ganas de perfeccionar su español y ser transmisora de nuestra cultura allí en el Reino Unido.

Visit to Jaén
Hello! I am Fiona Thorpe and my friend Chloe, my teacher Mr Warbis and I will be visiting your school in a couple of weeks!
When we found about the fact that we would have to do another work experience placement this year, I was originally dreading it. This was because my first placement involved me being a waitress at a café with not very friendly colleagues. But then other people described their experiences and said they had a fantastic time, and it actually inspired them to be in the occupation they are in now! So I thought I should make the most of the opportunity and dive right in. I went straight to my Spanish teacher Mr Warbis, and asked if he had any contacts with placements where I could use foreign languages as this is my favourite subject area and what I am most likely to have a future career in. I was expecting him to suggest somewhere boring and something I was afraid wouldn’t be worth a week of my time because I had really lost faith in the idea. But when he had the idea that we could come to visit you for a week, I was shocked! I was completely lost for words!
To be honest, originally I was terrified. But thanks to Mr Warbis, Chloe and my family convincing me how good an idea it was, I was made to see the trip in a more positive light. I then became very excited about the prospect! I even became friends with the girl I am staying with on Facebook and after talking to her for just a day I knew she was lovely, and this made me even more enthusiastic.
It took me some time, but I have realised how incredible an opportunity this really is. Especially because I have just completed an independent research project on the topic of students from other countries being more fluent in English at a younger age than when we become fluent in their languages. This has made me interested in the idea of Modern Foreign Languages education in other European countries, but especially Spain, because I have a passion for learning Spanish! As a result of my research, I realise that you will all be more fluent than I am at this moment, but I believe this trip will do nothing but motivate me further to learn this language and to learn about the culture of Spain. Maybe even become an English teacher in Spain!
I would like to say a gigantic thank you to Manolo and everybody at the Sierra Mágina School for this unbelievable opportunity and I can’t wait to meet all of you!


Más de 15 profesores están implicados activamente en el desarrollo de esta actividad. En esta foto están algunos de ellos en la última reunión de coordinación.
Gracias a todos.
Algunos de los profesores que van a participar en el intercambio con Fiona, Chloe y Mr Dave.

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