lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

Saludos de Chloe Cole, una experiencia job shadowing para alumnos.

Chloe Cole es una de las dos alumnas de 1 de Bachillerato -allí en Inglaterra llamado Sixth Form- que va a pasar una semana entre nosotros. Para explicar por qué ha decidido venir al IES Sierra Mágina, y también para dar las gracias con antelación, nos ha enviado la siguiente carta que ahora subimos a nuestro blog.
Entusiasta, animada y con ganas de aprender todo lo que pueda y más, Chloe deja entrever en ella su amor por nuestro idioma y nuestra cultura así como su afán de superación.

Esperamos que se cumplan sus expectativas y que esta visita sirva para estrechar más los lazos de cooperación entre nuestros dos institutos.

Visit to Jaén
Hi, I’m Chloe and I, along with my friend Fiona and my Spanish teacher, Mr Warbis, will be visiting your school later this month.
The government in England have announced that as of this year all Year 12 students should have a week’s work experience, but this opportunity came rather unexpectedly! We asked Mr Warbis if there were any businesses locally that had contacts with France or Spain that we could go to for work experience; in fact it was mostly for Fiona as I had previously thought about working in a hospital if possible, as I am quite interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist or a Nurse (as well as many other things…!)He sat and pondered for a few moments until coming to the conclusion that we could perhaps visit Jaén.
Fiona and I both looked at each other flabbergasted. We never thought we would have this opportunity, EVER. For me, it was doubly as good as I would love to teach English as a foreign language one day, so the opportunity to come and explore your school and see the similarities and differences to mine in the UK, seemed incredible. 
Fiona and I stumbled out of the classroom amazed and slightly terrified. We’ve discussed it endlessly. We’re really looking forward to it, but it will be a massive challenge. We have been learning Spanish for 4 years, not nearly as long as you guys have been learning English, so we’re pretty scared about our pronunciation, vocabulary and knowledge in general. However, we love Spain and its culture, and we’ve spoken to the girls that we’re staying with and they both seem lovely, so I’m sure we will get on great!
Thank you to Manolo, Mr Warbis and others at Sierra Magina for giving us this amazing opportunity and organizing everything. Hopefully some students from your school can visit Lytchett soon!
Chloe J

Lytchett Minster School