lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

Why are ErasmusPlus grants important for our students today?

La importancia de las becas #ErasmusPlus.

Durante estas dos últimas semanas, Don Fernando González ha estado trabajando con su grupo de alumnos de 2º de Bachillerato bilingüe algunos aspectos relacionados con el proyecto Erasmus. Entre ellos, cabe destacar el análisis y reflexión que ha llevado a cabo sobre la importancia de las becas Erasmus para cualquier estudiante hoy en día.
Este es el artículo por él escrito junto con las maduras reflexiones aportadas por sus alumnos.


It is a known fact that  learning a foreign language can prove a valuable experience for  everybody.
The  road is being paved  in the European   Union for fostering  the learning of  foreign languages and  for encouraging  cultural exchanges : it is a global world we live in and  more and more opportunities  are being  offered for those  who are willing to  take the plunge, pack up and  cross the border in the quest for new  linguistic and personal experiences.
The Erasmus  Students  have  been travelling  for some time now  to different  parts of Europe. But it was  college students who were granted the  chance to do so.
Now , if you are a secondary student, you can also  make the most  of this wonderful  adventure.
Nevertheless, not everybody  agrees that  travelling as a secondary student  is always going to bring  benefits to  those partaking  of this project.
A few days ago we read an article published  in the weekly issue of El Periódico  (21ST December, 2016).

The article, written by Miguel Vilaseró and  María Jesús Ibáñez, sheds some light on the ongoing debate about whether or not to send our secondary students  abroad with an Erasmus grant.
The reading of the article  was a stepping-stone that enabled us to  think of the pros and cons of  such an experience.
I asked my students  to write a few comments on the matter.

1) I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because of different reasons.
First of all, I think an Erasmus Grant is the best opportunity to flourish, to forge our thought, to mature and to learn new cultures that will make us tolerant and reasonable people.
Secondly, the younger you are, the better you learn a foreign language. The best way to learn languages is by living abroad, so adolescence is the perfect moment.
Furthermore, I think it won’t be a problem if the Erasmus Grant is during the Secondary School, because these aren’t crucial years for our education, I mean not as crucial as Bachillerato is.
In short, I wish I were younger to be able to  apply for an Erasmus Grant; however, it’s too late. This is a great idea and the best opportunity to know all the things which are beyond our village or city, to learn a foreign language and to make us better.
Mar Solas Almagro, 2º Bachillerato Bilingüe

2) Firstly, I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because you have the possibility to learn another language.
Furthermore, you can see  how other educative systems work and you get used to a different culture and way of living ;  that makes you have a broader perspective of life in general.
However, it makes you miss your country because you are used to another culture and it makes you feel like a different person in a different country.

Elena Sánchez Romero, 2º Bachillerato Bilingüe

3)"I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because..."
First, I believe that it is an experience that you have to live if you are a teen because you can learn another language, and nowadays to know how to speak a foreign languages is so important. Also you can mature with this experience and learn how to be meet up with  new people.
On the other hand, to go to a foreign country you must know for what you want to achieve, and you must bear in mind that it is not holidays : you are in a different country to study.
In conclusion, an experience like that must be an interesting way of learn and improve all your skills.

Alicia Aranda Rosa, 2ºBachillerato Bilingüe

4) I would apply for an Erasmus Great because:
First, I would like to learn a new language or practice one language which I have already known at High School.
Secondly, I want to travel abroad and to know some different cultures.
Next, I think I would be more responsible and more independent as you have to do all by yourself without any help.
Finally, I would made friends from all over the world who I could always visit or they could come to visit me!

Sandra Montoro Mesa, 2ºBachillerato Bilingüe

5)  I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because….
I think this experience is going to enrich me in many aspects of my life.
First of all, it would provide me with the independence that I need, that is to say, moving out of my comfort zone.
Secondly, travelling abroad will always be an unforgettable memory : it ill give you the chance to meet new people and get familiar with a   new culture and indeed you will be surprised due to differences.
Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that it's an investment in happiness. At least, from my point view ,since your mind is going to open up to lots of new possibilities.
Last but not least it's the best way to learn a language and practise it.
Al things considered, I am deeply sure that a grant  is the best option to live a worthwhile experience, without any doubts.
So, if you can improve your knowledge, why not try it?

Carmen Cobo López, 2º Bachillerato Bilingüe

6) I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because I would  improve my English level,I have a B1  in  English and I think that  an Erasmus Grant would improve my English Level.
I believe that an  Erasmus Grant can  help you to become more independent and to learn how to live alone and have a more responsible control of your money.
I think that Erasmus Grants should only be offered  in E.S.O because teenagers have more free time whereas in Bachillerato they should study a lot and they have to study for P.A.U,son an Erasmus Grant would not be a good idea.
In my opinion,I would like to apply for an  Erasmus Grant but I believe it´s a bit late so I would apply for an Erasmus  Grant at university.

María Real  Jiménez, 2º Bachillerato Bilingüe

7) I would apply for an Erasmus Grant because…
Nowadays, a big number of teenagers apply for  an Erasmus Grant for studying abroad, in a foreign country.
This Erasmus Grant is a great privilege because of the many advantages it has.
First, the main advantage is the learning of a new language and culture.
Young people have the opportunity of improving this foreign language and knowing more about it.
Furthermore, teenagers can meet a lot of new people from other
nationalities and enjoy a lot of good and fantastic moments with them.
Finally, I strongly believe that the application for an Erasmus Grant is an
opportunity that nobody must reject because it can make him be a better
and a more international person.

Marta Gámez Valero, 2º Bachillerato Bilingüe

As we have read above, applying for an Erasmus Grant is food for thought , and we can conclude with the famous English Idiom : The Jury is still out on whether applying for an Erasmus Grant as a teenage student  can provide you with lots of benefits, but most students would be willing to  risk some months for the sake of  improving their qualifications, broadening their learning horizons, and living new positive experiences in life.